Skye9 app offers unlimited access to African movies, video chat


January 16, 2017 | 7:46 pm
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The entertainment industry is growing its capacity and positioning strategically to compete with the best global standards. Old and existing players are increasingly leveraging technology to project the industry and this has given rise to apps that bring the quality entertainment on offer direct to users’ mobile devices.

Skye9 is a local entertainment company as well as an app that provides audiences across Africa with unlimited Nigerian and African entertainment such as movie contents, video calls, instant messaging (IM) and more.

Ayo Odusolu, business development manager, Skye9 who spoke to BusinessDay at a press conference that held recently in Lagos said, “Skye9 is out to showcase the best of African movies by Africans to Africans and by extension, the whole wide world. Lovers of African culture, within and outside the shore of Africa, now have access to undiluted, down-to-earth and entertainment movie masterpieces.”

Access to Nollywood or Ghallywood movies come with as low as N3000 per annum depending on the service the subscriber is asking for.

Similar to other video streaming platforms, Skye9 also creates original movie content for its audiences. In other to achieve, the company engage script writers, producers and directors in the creative industry.

Kemi Akinleye, the content manager of the company said quality content that meets the viewers’ expectation is at the core of the firm’s business. Hence script writers have to present unique and very creative stories that resonate with the market.

“We are very protective of the African image. We look out for stories that tell positive things about Nigeria and Africa,” Akinleye said.

The content must also engage the primary target – people within the ages of 16 and 70. The audience could be within the country, the continent or outside Africa.

“It is apparent that technology in the developed economies of the world has so advanced to the point that there is probably an app for everything today (music, videos, chatting, etc); especially within the entertainment industry.

“On Skye9 app, Nigerians will now enjoy music, movies, video calling and chatting and even social network features,” Odusola said.

He added that the movie lovers also have the opportunity to review a particular trending movie while on the app. Privacy is also guaranteed by an end-to-end encryption that restricts third parties from seeing or listening in.

A press release from Skye9 noted that the company pioneered Video on Demand (VoD) in Africa and delivers one of the easiest, safest and most pocket-friendly means of watching the best of African movie contents. With any internet enabled device-desktop computers, laptop, palmtop, Ipads, mobile – user can easily access Skye9 services.

“Our principal target is to make our services easily reachable, thereby reducing the distance between our audience and the movies they love to watch. Our platform at Skye9 is built on a state of the art technology, which makes us a force to reckon with in the industry in Africa,” Odusola said.

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January 16, 2017 | 7:46 pm
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