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December 15, 2017 | 5:02 pm
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Digital advertising, a form of marketing and advertising which uses the internet to deliver promotional marketing messages to consumers, is gaining significant attention in Nigeria and Africa. Many businesses are seeing it as the fastest way to get the attention of consumers, hence the attractiveness of enterprises that operate in the space. Chibuike Goodnews, director of Dochase Adverts recent spoke to FRANK ELEANYA on why the company introduced programmatic technology in Nigeria, thereby putting Africa on the world map.  

Tell us what exactly Dochase is about?

Dochase is a cross channel digital advertising technology that enables local and international brands advertise to customers on websites, social media and telecom. Advertising agencies can use the platform to create client campaigns on all channels, do media buying, run programmatic campaign and give client transparent reports on the performance of their adverts and budget spend.

Brands, and direct advertisers from anywhere in the world will be able to advertise on direct websites, using big data to target their adverts to the right customers across mobile, desktop, app and telecom. We are pioneers in programmatic technology in Nigeria which is a technology that analyses data and use such to make accurate digital marketing decisions. You can do all your advertising in one place, monitor performance, see how many customers saw your advert, and compare your advertising budgets with increase in sales.

The unique thing about us is that your adverts only display to people who have high potential to patronize your service or buy your product. We only target adverts to the right people so advertisers are only paying for real customers and not wasting money on wrong customers or wrong market. We achieve this using big data and analytic technology.

Who is your target market?

Our target markets are local and global brands who want to reach specific target customers and only show their adverts to customers who have potential to buy their products. We also target global advertisers who want to reach markets in Africa. On the flip side, we open African content providers like websites, media, and apps to advertising revenue from international advertisers.

What are the major trends in online advertising that your organisation has incorporated?

We are the first programmatic adexchange in Nigeria and most of Africa. We put Africa on the programmatic adtech map this was featured in US based tech magazine.

We have also incorporated private market place using technology to power media buying buy agencies and direct advertisers. Dochase is leading the implementation of ads.txt which enables advertisers know authenticity of media exchanges and re-sellers. We have also incorporated the header bidding which help media owners to optimize earning from various buyers of media inventory. We also joined group of top global advertising technologies to make unified ID for users across the internet.

Tech and management support ranks 95% of your services. Can you elaborate on that?

We put a lot research, innovation, effort into using technology to meet human needs, innovate fast and still make things easy for end users. We understand people want simple things and also understand complexity of technology. So we take complex technological process and simplify them into what even kids can use by themselves. Digital advertising is really complex and many players are just on the simple interface downstream, but we do the complex upstream and make it simple for others to leverage on our technology to deliver value to the customers.

We built the technology which advertising agencies can use to perform very complex things like targeting right customers and lots more. We then support them both online and offline

Many organisations see the year 2017 as more favorable than 2016, what has it been for Dochase?

2017 has been a great year for Dochase. Coming from market entry in 2016, we experienced tremendous growth in 2017. We are able to do business across the globe and become the authority in advertising.

What are the challenges you face in online advertisement and how did you address it?

Major challenges include low quality content especially in Africa. People publish uncensored content and recycled news. The internet makes people simply copy other people’s work and publish without proper credit. We solve this by screening content on regular basis.

There is also the ad-fraud which is an industry on its own. Advertisers lost $2 billion daily to advertising fraud, spoofing, malware, malvertisng. To solve this we use in-house real-time check and third party verification services to check such. We also put stringent penalties for content providers who are guilty of such. With these, we have made Dochase a clean platform.

Breaking the old systems of pricing, concept has been really challenging. People, who do not have good traffic, feel they deserve more money. Advertisers on a programmatic platform are willing to pay for value only, which is lost sometimes to the publisher. Conversions, viewability and other branding factors are critically important, rather than the old way of just putting ads up and hoping for the best.

How are brands responding to your unique proposition?

Brands using our platform are opened to a new opportunity of increased efficiency. With our platform they can judge the most performing campaigns, know the best sites as well as other important data which help greatly in their campaign strategies. Even at the startup and SME level, businesses can quickly iterate and know what is not working which saves them time as well as a lot of money.

What is your projection for online advertisement in 2018?

In 2018, more advertisers will adopt programmatic technology as the only marketing methods because most people are going online. Advertisers will be conscious of where their adverts are shown, they cannot be associated with adverts on x-rated content, racism, drugs and anything brand eroding. P&G is leading many brands to question how advertising budgets are spent.

Online advertising will witness tremendous growth more advertiser thinning the knowledge gap, Ads.txt and header bidding will make better industry. Targeting will be better and more precise. There will also be revenue increase.

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December 15, 2017 | 5:02 pm
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