Why smartphones overheat and how to prevent it


October 11, 2016 | 12:21 am
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Overheating usually happens to some people after using their device continuously over a period of time or they charge the phone for an hour and pick it up to discover it is hot. Sometimes, you may also notice your phone is getting warmer. What made your phone get hot or warm? Which should you be worried about?

According to a research on gadget, a cell phone can get warm. This is not necessarily a problem.

On the other hand, if your mobile phone is getting too warm or hot, something should be done about it, otherwise it might cause significant damage not only to the phone but also put you at risk of a burn. In some cases, the phone becomes sluggish when hot or perhaps shut down until it is cooled.

There are reasons why your smartphone is overheating. The major cause lies in how the phone is being used. If your phone is plugged to the socket or you are using a universal serial bus (USB) to keep it close to you while you work; every once in a while you receive a message alert from one of your friends, minutes later you are flipping through the pictures he or she just sent via Whatsapp while messages are flooding in from Twitter, Instagram, SnapChat and Facebook. You may also get tired and decide to do something else, so you pick up your phone to play your favourite game still charging the phone. All of these activities put a strain on your smartphone.

As a matter of fact, gadget experts say that you should never game on your handheld while it is connected to a power source. The reason is because, gaming is a resource-hungry task and consequently, results in the central processing unit (CPU) and graphics processing unit (GPU) doing a lot more work than they normally do, hence, they tend to get warmer. Pushing your GPU for too long is one of the quickest ways to overheat your phone.

It is most recommended that once a phone is on charging mode, you do not overburden it with activities. If you will need to make a call, remove it from the power source; when you are done, plug it back. A faster way of charging your device is putting it on airplane mode. You may miss some callers but you will save your phone from damage. Also consider not gaming for too long. Allow your device intervals to cool down. Most smartphones do not come with cooling gels, which can help overheating issues to an extent.

Too many apps – particularly very demanding apps, can also cause overheating in smartphones. Multitasking, extra features and functions, like widgets, and for whatever reason, your phone having to check its connectivity – be it Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, whatever – all require processing power and more electricity. In this case, you can delete apps that you actually do not need.

Also, avoid using everything at the same time. For instance, do not have your location services set to the highest access level, 4G data connection, hotspot, and Bluetooth device turned on at the same time.

Intermittent charging is another point to note when examining issues of overheating. Whether or not you have a phone with a terrible battery life, charging it continuously in a particular day not only weakens the battery life eventually but it can also cause internal damage to your phone. You can limit your charging to one or two at most.

When you really can manage it, turn off your vibration and minimise your phone’s brightness.

All of that is to enable your GPU function optimally without overlabouring it. To help regulate the temperature of your phone all the time, get a plastic case rather than investing in a metal or glass body. Your casing should not be made of suffocating materials like leather and it should not wrap your phone entirely.

There are other factors, which are external like leaving your phone in direct sunlight or throwing it into the oven.  As much as possible, do not expose your smartphone to these.



October 11, 2016 | 12:21 am
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