MSSN condemns FG’s ‘double standard’ in Numan crisis

by | December 31, 2017 1:18 am

The Muslim Students Society of Nigeria (MSSN) has condemned the role played by the Federal Government in handling the recent crises and aftermath of the crises in Numan, Adamawa state describing it as “double standard”

MSSN National Amir (President), Muhammad Jameel Muhammad expressed this displeasure in his speech at the opening ceremony of the 104th Islamic Vocation Course (IVC), B zone, MSSN, which held at IVC Permanent Camp, Lagos-Ibadan Expressway,

Muhammad while speaking remarked that the purpose of the IVC which is a tradition was to allow Muslim thinkers, intellectuals, scholars and indeed stakeholders from diverse walks of life to robustly and rigorously train the younger and up-coming members of Islam in the context of certain pertinent and burning national, regional and global issues, with a view to producing outstanding Muslims fortified to withstand the ever increasing, ubiquitous challenges of the present time.

He lamented the fact that many Nigerians lost their lives during the two gruesome incidents in Numan, and expressed worry that governments at both state and federal levels do not resolve contending issues amicably with relevant stakeholders.

“But while the first set of victims were never recognised and may possibly never be at all, the second set of victims attracted the visit of the Vice President of the country and a series of aids thereafter.

“This has painted a picture that some animals are more equal than others, as contained in George Owell’s fable, The Animal Farm.

He said “The danger here is that Nigerians are being pitched against fellow Nigerians on account of being favoured/disfavoured by the same government voted by and tasked with taking care of both”.

“As students, our constituency resides within the educational sector. We are always worried that our governments at both state and federal levels do not resolve contending issues amicably with relevant stakeholders.

“Ranging from recurrent strikes by academic or non-academic staff of higher institutions to sudden radical frustration/dismissal of teachers at the secondary and primary levels, the insensitivity with which the education sector in our country is handled is alarming, worrisome and demoralizing to us as students.

“In all such cases, the schools that are the only symbol of governmental presence in most localities become abandoned by teachers, making us, students, more vulnerable before the myriad of forces of evil that have pervaded the land.

“We therefore call on all governments to handle the educational sector with the delicacy and seriousness it deserves,” he pleaded.

Muhammad also appealed to Governor Nasir El-Rufai of Kaduna State, saying that, “We identify with the appeal to the government of Kaduna State that is planning the mass sack of over twenty thousand teachers to tread a more cautious path in this trying time as it takes its monumental decisions.

“We appeal further that all pertinent stakeholders- policy makers, educational administrators, supervisors, teachers, students and even their parents- should be repositioned for good if the decay in education is to be adequately addressed” he said.


Akinremi Feyisipo, Ibadan