Avon HMO takes healthy living advocacy to radio

by Anthonia Obokoh

April 6, 2017 | 4:03 pm
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As part of its campaign to promote healthier living among Nigerians, Avon HMO, a foremost health management company in Nigeria, has embarked on a radio advocacy programme that will offer practical everyday tips to help Nigerians make healthier lifestyle choices.

Speaking on the initiative, Adesimbo Ukiri, managing director/CEO, Avon HMO, stated that the company has concluded discussions with Lagos-based contemporary lifestyle radio, Smooth FM, for the sponsorship of its drive-time health programme, the Smooth Health Show.

Accordingly, the programme is now repositioned to demystify the seemingly complex health issues that Nigerians are otherwise forced to contend with in their day-to-day living as well as proffer practical solutions they can both relate to and apply immediately.

Ukiri said: “One major problem that has mitigated against the goal of achieving healthy living among Nigerians is the lack of access to readily usable information. Many people do not have the basic knowledge about how their everyday lifestyle affects their health. Then, there is also the perception that health matters are complex, this makes people keep away from such discussions until their particular situation becomes dire, which then creates an attendant high demand on their finances.”

“What we have done with the Smooth Health Show is to bring in a doctor as facilitator who will break down and give practical tips on issues like male and female sexual and reproductive health, mental health, stress, maternal and infant health and weight management – issues that form part of the daily experience of the contemporary Nigerian but which we are typically too shy to talk about. The facilitator will break down these issues in an engaging manner using practical, relatable and readily applicable tips that today’s increasingly ‘endangered population’, can easily use,” she continued.

She further stated: “There has been growing interest in the relationship between lifestyle patterns and Non Communicable Diseases of late; mental health wellness issues such as depression have also become burning issues. With about 65 percent active population within the high incidence demographics of 25-45 year olds, health industry watchers in Nigeria have called for concerted efforts by all stakeholders to raise public awareness as well as drive advocacy to check the implications of such statistics”.

In over three years since its inception, Avon HMO has been at the forefront of promoting superior health management practices not only to the baseline of subscribers on its healthcare plans but also for all stakeholders in the Nigerian health management space.

The Smooth Health Show, which airs at 5.15 pm every Thursday, will also feature professionals from a wide spectrum of medical/healthcare fields for more in depth discourse. It is expected that the radio advocacy programme will broaden Avon HMOs efforts to promote healthier living through the media and its social media channels

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by Anthonia Obokoh

April 6, 2017 | 4:03 pm
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