Bafarawa flays FG’s business deals with China


September 12, 2018 | 7:50 pm
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Attahiru Bafarawa

The former governor of Sokoto State and a presidential aspirant on the platform of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) Attahiru Bafarawa has criticised the Federal Government over the recent business deals with China, saying it amounted to a mortgage of the country.

The Federal Government recently obtained a loan of over $300 million from China and signed a deal worth over $10 billion during the recent Forum on China and Africa Cooperation Summit held in Beijing, China.

“As a banker, you can see the dangerous terrain we are going for; going to China borrowing money which is very dangerous; we are being mortgaged. Therefore we are not going to allow it to continue. We are going to stop it,’’ he said.

Speaking when he visited Governor Udom Emmanuel as part of his consultations, also promised to restructure the country if elected president during next year’s general election said he should be held accountable if he failed to implement a restructuring programme.

He lauded the achievements of the governor, saying he has been able to achieve that much because of his background in the private sector.

“I was just going through pages by pages, almost 220 pages of your achievements. In Education, in Health and whatever you can think of to develop the state.

“In just 3 years, nobody can believe what I have seen. Therefore, by your credentials, by the grace of God you are going to be above Akwa Ibom because you have fixed it and by the Grace of God in 2019, you will get another mandate which I believe by the Grace of God you are going to get it.” These are the attributes of a good leader, and his belief in God, Emmanuel will successfully reclaim the people’s mandate as governor in 2019,” he said.

He counted himself lucky to be a member of the PDP presently, announcing that should he be elected, he will move to end the years of neglect of the south-south part of the country.

“I took my time, I took one week to go round and see South-South states by road, I went all round, I saw things by myself, I saw the roads by myself and you have every reason to complain that your people are suffering,” he said.

Responding, Governor Emmanuel expressed belief that PDP will bounce back into power in 2019 and would redesign what will stand economically for the infrastructural development of the country. He said, he was optimistic of a very strong economic team that will understand the economy of Nigeria, know the direction and also plan for the population of the country.

Governor Emmanuel commended the aspirant for his painstaking efforts in touring the country, and putting up a blueprint of his plans for the country, describing it as a display of seriousness and sincerity.





September 12, 2018 | 7:50 pm
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