Buratai blames Plateau crisis on failure of security agencies

by Stella Enenche Abuja

November 5, 2018 | 6:38 pm
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The Chief of Army Staff (COAS), Lieutenant-General Tukur Buratai has said failure of security agencies to undertake diligent investigation of cases in Plateau State, was responsible for killings and other crimes.
Buratai also made a strong case for the rejigging of the nations security, to allow for more effectiveness in tackling crimes and criminality.

The COAS made these positions on Monday  when the Governor of Plateau State, Simon Lalong, led a delegation on a condolence visit to the Army Headquarters (AHQ).

Lalong was at the AHQ to condole with the Service over the death of Maj-Gen. Idris Alkali (rtd), who went missing on September 3, on his way to Bauchi, enroute Jos, Plateau State.
Buratai said several cases of security infractions in Du community, where the late Alkali’s vehicle was found, had been reported, but without diligent investigation.

“We know that security is quiet fundamental and its one of the purposes of governance and every society and without security  so many thing will go wrong .and the peace that is  required to prevail in any society will  not be there if there are frequent issues  on individuals taking the laws into  their hands”, he said.

According to COAS “It has taken us too long to  realise this unfortunate situation, which has been  n such a way that authorities, who are supposed to  really take care of security of their people and every other person in that domain, have reneged on their responsibilities.

“This is one of the outcomes of such irresponsible  conduct by these individuals. Certain individuals over the years, and  it is good that it has been realised  and appropriate steps will be taken to remedy it in the future and it has been at a very heavy cost not only the cost
of Major General Alkal,  but many others who have gone the same way that were never reported  or even those that were reported were never conclusively investigated and  those that were investigated were not properly executed.

“This has shown a very big gap in our responsibilities at various segments of our security agencies.It is a gap that has been created unfortunately because one of the incidents that were reported, were discoveries from the Du camp  is that one of the vehicles recovered
was far back as 2013 and investigation was never completed and no action was taken and the case us closed at the end.”

This was as the Army Chief contended that almost all the security agencies in the state, knew about the developments in Du community, but allegedly failed to take decisive action.
Hiear him: “This is to show that almost all the security agencies in the state know what was  happening in that community and no body bothered to take decisive action, and this is one of the banes of security agencies across the country.

“If we don’t take actions on those things, the consequences are always grave and we always be the victim Instead of trying to protect the society the society will be at the receiving end as well as the security agencies  and this incident of Alkali will be a wakeup call to all security agencies, including the military.”

On the task force in Jos, Buratai said: “We have a taskforce that has been there for so many years and  this kind of incident happened. It is highly  unfortunate and it shouldn’t be allowed at all we have been known that anytime  the military is called out, we must be decisive
and check whatever situation that  allowed us to be called out and then stabilise it and get back.
“But then, we stayed for too long and the situations are getting worse and worse.”
For a more result-oriented security of lives and property, he suggested; “I think there must be a complete revaluation of the security architecture  within that environment and it is not something that we will  just sit down and allow it to go and indeed all other areas in the country where we have such challenges.

“We must review the  security architecture we must review the security plans. We must be decisive at all times to ensure that every reported case   if the commanders who are in charge  of that responsibility to tackle it don’t take decisive action to remedy it  and to support  the civil authority them we will sanction that commander.

“Every criminality must be openly condemned and promptly  because silence by the leaders signifies consent to the actions of the youth and this affect the nation an it is not good because the issue of religion is something that should be sacred and should be to the
individual  when you bring it out to the realm of the society and start using sentiment to protect certain interest it becomes unfortunate and this is what we are facing right now.  “The case is in your court now your excellency .we should follow it diligently to ensure that no stone is left unturned to ensure the speedy prosecution of those that have been identified and arrested  and those that are still on the run , we will continue to push to ensure that we get them. This incident is what we regret and it is a lesson to all of us.”
He continued “We know that security is quiet fundamental and its one of the purposes of governance and every society and without security so many thing will go wrong .and the peace that is  required to prevail in any society will  not be there if there are frequent issues
on individuals taking the laws into  their hands Earlier, Lalong had expressed sadness over the death of Alkali, even as he pleaded with the Army not to be discouraged by the development.
He said: “This is a sad moment not only for the people of plateau state but also for the federal republic of Nigeria  for the first time in our lives we witnessed this kind of phenomenon
“it is very unfortunate am talking about the death of one of our gallant officer Major General Idris  Alkali. we did our best, our best is to reveal the identity of the people who did it. i want to on behalf of the people of plateau state commend the effort of the Army in bringing out the identity of the people that did it but it is unfortunate that it is happening from plateau at the time that you are helping us to restore peace.
“We are here to condone with you and also appeal to you not to be discouraged with what happened. We will cooperate with you to ensure that if there are more of this God will unveil them in plateau and Nigeria.”


Stella Enenche Abuja

by Stella Enenche Abuja

November 5, 2018 | 6:38 pm
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