You can achieve your aspirations in Nigeria: Buhari tells Youths 

by Tony Ailemen, Abuja

October 25, 2018 | 6:27 pm
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President Muhammadu Buhari has again cautioned Nigerian youths against rushing to Europe in search of perceived greener pastures, saying the country has what they need to achieve and fulfill their aspirations

The President also assured the youths the his administration is determined to salvage the country and make it better than he met it.

Buhari who was addressing youths at the Presidential Villa, many of who are serving as his aides , frowned at the rush by some Nigerians, especially the youth, in search of greener pastures elsewhere, insisted that Nigeria has all it takes to live a good life.

The President, while citing his personal experience, declared that having gone through a lot, he was in a good position to guide them

According to him, “ I have been Governor, I was in charge of our petroleum sector for over three years, I was Head of State and now I have come without the uniform and have visited each of the 774 Local government Areas in this country. The intension of this administration is to do the infrastructure and give education and healthcare to our people especially the poor,”

He cited what his administration is doing to improve agriculture, adding that “farming has blossomed under his administration, making more Nigerian rich in the process”

“I foresaw our problem in agriculture and did the right thing and today, people are much better, In terms of unemployment, our able bodied persons that do not have education and can’t get white-collar jobs, went back to till the land and today, none of them is regretting it. It’s very rare now to see idle people and the farmers are making money.”
Also speaking at the event, Governor Yahaya Bello of Kogi State charged the youths to effectively position themselves to take charge of the re- election campaign of President Buhari

He noted that the youths were better placed to tell the true narratives of the achievements of the Buhari administration as insiders who are also major beneficiaries of the system.

“If we fail to take charge of the narrative and persuade people till they see the true intents of this Administration’s policies, we will have a much harder job mobilizing the votes we need to get Mr. President re-elected.”

“If we do not put Mr. President’s achievements before our people till they can recite it themselves, they may agree with the shameless PDP that the heartless corruption which she is offering again is somehow better than the alleged ‘incompetence’ of the APC which has accomplished every good thing I listed above.”

“In summary, all may be lost if we do not get the Nigerian people to see why they must allow Mr. President continue his great work as they go to the polls in 2019.
The APC is offering greater inclusiveness for all Nigerians irrespective of tribes and voting patterns.”
He assured that the APC will pay better attention to affirmative action- women, youth and special ability in appointive positions.

According to him, “ The APC will respect the unspoken but gentlemanly rotationally presidential pattern between North and South which most Nigerians defended in 2015.”

“This is the message we must all take to every nook and cranny of this nation, and from door to door.

“On the other hand, all the crooked PDP is offering Nigerians is ‘Corruption is better than Incompetence’ and ‘Anybody but Buhari’.

“I say they have made our job easy, assuming we are ready to work hard.
My brothers and sisters, 2015 was about Change. 2019 is about Progress.

“As members of the APC, we will not deny that our party has a huge task before us in the 2019 General Elections.  The Elections will not be a walkover, the PDP will not be a pushover and we MUST take nothing and no one for granted.


Tony Ailemen, Abuja


by Tony Ailemen, Abuja

October 25, 2018 | 6:27 pm
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