CISLAC, TI, others want unified strategy to end money laundering in Nigeria


November 8, 2018 | 5:55 pm
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The Civil Society Legislative Advocacy Centre( CISLAC), in collaboration with  the Transparency International (TI) and other stakeholders, have called for a coordinated strategy to end money laundering, corruption and impunity in Nigeria.

Executive Director of CISLAC, Awaal Musa Rafsanjani, made this call in his address during a one-day training of journalists in monitoring and reporting money laundering cases in Nigeria, held in Abuja on Thursday.

Speaking on the theme “Enhancing investigative and reporting skills of journalists in combating money laundering/ corruption in Nigeria,” Rafsanjani, who was represented by the Programme Manager, Vaclan Prusa, noted that ” the crucial role of the media in identifying, investigating and reporting corruption, and awareness creation is important for nation building and preservation of democracy.  He stressed that the media is instrumental in promoting and monitoring good governance and accountability in different sectors adding that they create space for discourse and influential policy direction.”

He however, lamented that despite the fact that the Nigerian media has exposed  massive corruption scandals, through investigative journalism, there has not been any consequences through dismissals, investigations let alone prosecution. ” while in other countries, leading politically exposed persons had to leave offices, in Nigeria these individuals are celebrated, ” he lamented.

He urged the journalists to imbibe ethics, accountability and accuracy, which are the hallmarks of professional investigative reporting against money laundering and other forms of corruption in order to  cleanse the Nigerian society for the betterment of everybody.

In his keynote presentation entitled “Ethics of investigative journalism and specifics of reporting financial crimes”, the CEO of Center for Financial Journalism Ray Echebiri, noted that adherence to the standards and ethics of the profession despite the challenges, remains the only fulcrum that will redeem the nation. He said that by exposing incidents of corruption, the media will become more useful for the positive transformation of the Nigerian society.

Wale Ogunade from the AML/ CFT Civil Society Forum in his good  will message said ” corruption has metamorphosed into a sophisticated phenomenon which has created the need for strong investigative reporting. He added that the fight against this scourge cannot be effective without collaborating with the media. He urged the media to intensify the war against ” corruption, money laundering and counter terrorism by respecting, promoting and protecting the freedom to seek, receive, publish and disseminate information concerning corruption.”



November 8, 2018 | 5:55 pm
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