Foundation supports Nigerian students with bursary allocation


September 18, 2017 | 1:44 pm
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In a bid to support the less privileged Nigerian students with funds for their elementary and tertiary education, Infinity Foundation, founded by Stephen Akintayo to assist orphans and vulnerable children as well as mentor young minds has distributed bursaries to students across Nigeria.


At an event in Lagos recently, the foundation  students and presentation of an award to Stephen Akintayo as the distinguished West African Young Personality of the year, Akintayo said bursaries were allocated to 10 students but before the end of the year, the foundation will reach out to at least 150 students who cannot afford their tuition fees.


“We want to do far more than 150 students but if that will happen, we will need to be visible and need other people to donate. This year’s goal is $15,000 from me and we are hoping to raise donation of another $15,000, making $30,000.


“Frequently as the need arises for students who cannot afford school fees, the foundation will raise funds for them. Annually at the Silver Bird Gallery, we bring successful individuals who talk to orphans.


“In the last nine years, the foundation has help orphanage homes raise money and donate materials to them. We have worked with over 25 orphanage homes in the last nine years and now we want to turn it into an institution, a formals structured programme and take it to the next level,” he said.


Speaking on the motivation behind the project, Akintayo disclosed that “The bursary is towards education because growing up, my mum used to take us to neighbours to borrow money to send me to school because she could not afford the money to pay school fees for the five of us.


“I told myself that if God will bless me, I will also assist the poor go to school. The last generation of great leaders in Nigeria were sponsored through school, however, that generation failed in replicating what they received. We cannot continue that way. So, as we are giving people money, we also have to let them know that as they receive, they should think of how to give others who are in need.”


Omotoyosi Salihu, general manager, Stephen Akintayo Consulting said Akintayo believes in education because with education, minds are broadened. Salihu added that if the youths are educated, there will be a better Nigeria since one of the lapses Nigeria has is Leadership.


“The criteria we used in picking these students include academic prowess, students whose parents cannot afford their tuition fees and people who can follow instructions. The whole idea of this award is to groom future leaders. Students also sent in essay of not less than 200 words,” she disclosed.





September 18, 2017 | 1:44 pm
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