Jimi Agbaje outline plans to ease traffic on Lagos roads


November 7, 2018 | 8:32 am
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The gubernatorial candidate of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) in Lagos State, Jimi Agbaje, has disclosed how he plans to solve the traffic congestion in Lagos state if elected governor in next year’s general elections.

The PDP’s governorship candidate tweeted from his Twitter handle how he hoped to solve perennial traffic congestion in Lagos, which he called a Phase-1 of a three-phase short-term solution that would focus on repairing the potholes on major roads.

According to Agbaje, the roads he will be considering includes; Lagos Badary Expressway, Lawanson/Ijesha Road, Lekki-Epe alternative route (City of David axis, Marwa bus-stop axis),Coker road, 2nd Rainbow down to Mile-2, Satellite town axis, Ago Palace Way (Cele bridge/Limca axis) and Apapa Oworonshoki Expressway

Jimi Agbaje noted that the proposed short-term solution is a quick fix for a long lasting solution which would require a medium-to-long term approach.

“In the medium term, we would begin with the full-on rehabilitation of our current road network. This means exploring other viable options of rehabilitation,” Agbaje tweeted.

The PDP governorship aspirant cited example of building concrete roads which generally last three to four times longer than asphalt roads and are generally better at dealing with runoff not to mention that it requires little or no maintenance.

“We would build “park and ride” facilities whilst optimizing our current public transit routes in ways that encourage the lesser use of cars on work days, especially for the population of car owners who live on the mainland and work on the Island,” according to Agbaje.

“With this, we believe that we can reduce the number of personal cars crossing the 3rd Mainland, Eko and Carter bridges during rush-hour by 30 percent.”

Agbaje said in the long term his administration would expand road infrastructure to include new nodes that connect high-density population clusters. “A multi-modal transportation system that includes roads, rail, waterways and cycling paths would lead to a significant improvement in the flow of traffic.”

“I am aware that we have not included inner roads in our solution to the current traffic situation; this is why empowering the Local Government will be an important part of my governance structure,” Agbaje said.

Agbaje explained that empowerment of the Local Government will decentralize how infrastructure rehabilitation and issues affecting Lagos residents are dealt with which is critical to the development of Lagos as a city.

“The Lagos this generation desires can be won. It exists, it is real, it is possible, it is ours,” Agbaje concluded.

The tweets of the PDP’s governorship aspirant generated mixed reactions from Nigerian’s most especially people living in Lagos  Here are few of the tweets.

“Any governor that successfully solves Lagos traffic Issue should use five terms in office.” @Hidentiti

“Funny guy, You think traffic is something to campaign with. Even America with good road experience traffic like die hard traffic. Solution would be alternative routes because of high inflow of people in Lagos. and that is what the APC led gov are working on.” @Adebambo_A

“The only way to reduce traffic in Lagos is by getting metro rails working… Even our waterways are less utilized. Get this alternatives working…traffic in Lagos will reduce drastically.” @IfetoyeOyeniyi

“You give up too easily one too many times after elections, that it appears you’re not cut out for this political part you’re inclined to profess every election year. You won the last Guber election in Lagos but abandoned it, and disappointed all those who voted for you,” @sonto333

But you are not campaigning in Lagos state. how do you expect to win when nobody know you here in Lagos. The whole of Lagos road is full with APC poster but none for PDP/Jimi @majijonah




November 7, 2018 | 8:32 am
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