NIS raid on illegal foreign expatriate to boost FG employment drive


June 7, 2017 | 7:56 pm
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Nigerians who believe it will boost Federal Government drive for job creation have commended effort of Nigeria Immigration Service (NIS) to within 48 hours raid ZTE Nigeria and arrest illegal foreign expatriate workers.
Preye Eradiri, a public commentator, said in Lagos he was pleased with the action of the Immigration Service, saying that the illegal foreigners, some with expired visas had taken over jobs meant for Nigerians.
He said this development would help the Federal Government reduce the level of unemployment in the country, saying, “If the Immigration Service should continue with this, foreigners will respect our laws.”
Within 48 hours of the reported case of ZTE Nigeria violation of immigration law by staffing its Nigerian office with illegal foreign expatriates who overstay their business visas and use same to get employment, the NIS moved into action by swooping on ZTE Nigeria office at Osborne quarters, Ikoyi, and left with bus loads of illegal workers.
Eyewitness confirmed the arrest of more than 30 illegal staff. It was further alleged that about five were later released with more than 22 still in detention.
What particularly impressed Nigerians about the quick response provided by NIS was that there was no additional push for them to act. It appears it was the team’s commitment to excellence in service provision in apparent realignment to governments change agenda and whistle blowing policy.
On the hindsight though, NIS management should by this singular commendable act ride with the momentum to put measures in place to actively checkmate the influx of illegal immigrant as they always say, prevention is better than cure and the NIS would be seen to have contributed their quota towards national development.
After all, our biggest assets are our human resources and what better way to harness human capital development than by ensuring our well educated Nigerian youths get the jobs that they deserve and not some illegal immigrant denying our government of much needed IGR in the midst of a dwindling revenue from oil.
 “I believe that NIS truly deserves to be congratulated for improved services beyond the expectations of many,” the Nigerian said.


June 7, 2017 | 7:56 pm
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