We are not afraid of Atiku, says Tinubu

by Tony Ailemen, Abuja

October 31, 2018 | 8:08 pm
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The All Progressive Congress APC National Leader, Ahmed Tinubu has declared that the party was not afraid of the Presidential candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party PDP, Atiku Abubakar.

Tinubu who stated this after meeting with President Muhamamdu Buhari alongside the Party’s National Chairman, Adams Oshiomhole, said he was at the Villa to “ discuss issues affecting nation, the country, our people, peace, stability and economic progress”

Asked if the party was jittery over Atiku meeting in Dubai to unseat President Buhari, he declared that “ We don’t fear, whether it is in the jungle, or is in Dubai or is in Abu Dhabi” adding that “ people are free to meet and strategies in anyway they form but we are not going back to the illusion of the PDP. It is not possible, Nigerians will not do that”

The APC national leader, said “slow and steady wins the race”

He vowed that the nation cannot go back to the pit that it inherited for 16 years, adding that “ they can strategies from anywhere but a leopard cannot change it skin”
Speaking on the crises rocking the party in the aftermath of the nationwide Congress, Tinubu asked party members to respect the party supremacy.

“You were all here when we had the Congress, we elected the new executives, the convention we had it, the NEC was formed and we surrendered to avoid conflict, to avoid domination, to avoid abuses of power, we surrendered our rights, all rights to the National Working Committee headed by Adams Oshiomohole.”

“ We agreed that the National Working Committee should set up electoral bodies to supervise various state congresses and elections. ‘We signed off for it’. So, if it is not in our individual favour, so be it. We gave three options, consensus, where there is no consensus because if you are more than two or three and you cannot agree to one candidate, you go to the next level.

“The next level is the stakeholders delegate and you have to be supervised by the National Working Committee of the party, national election committee of the party.

That, according to him, shows party supremacy or the freest option, adding that “the less cumbersome is to open direct primary, line up and count the number, 1,2,3. If you win, you win and if you fail, go home.

He noted that the party had also set up appeal committee to listen to all appeals, internal mechanism for conflict resolution.

“It was there , you cannot turn round against that, you cannot turn against all of that. No. Party is supreme, party must be respected, abuses will not do it and anger will not do it. It is party politics, somebody will win and somebody will lose, too bad”

Also speaking after the meeting with the President, the APC Chairman Adams Oshiomhole, said he had no illusions, that he was “doing a pensionable job”

“ I did promised myself that of I am going to be on this job for one day, I will do according to the rules and according to my conscience; I will be fair and just to all and God will give me the courage and the wisdom to to do his will”

Oshiomohole declared that despite the crises in the party and his current travails, Governors Ibikunle Amosun of Ogun State, Rochas Okorocha of Imo state and Ahmed Yari of Zamfara State remain his close friends

“The truth is we have 36 states and FCT and we do have 36 state organs and FCT and as far as I know, we have 23 governors; to be exact, I believe three governors are not particularly pleased with the outcome of the primaries in their states and you cannot grudge anyone for not being happy if a particular outcome does not coincide with his expectations.”

.”I don’t have power to appoint and I don’t have power to change particularly when things have been properly done”
“Now if this makes one, two or three people unhappy, it is unfortunate but they are my friends; If things are to be reduced to who is my friend, who I can do favour to, obviously having been a governor for 8 years, I have more friends and more governors than any other group within the party whether these are Senators, House of Reps members or other aspirants within the party.”

“So, here I am as national chairman conducting primaries, the outcome of which some very powerful people did not see their preferred candidate emerging.
Let me say that if there is a choice between my conscience-what I believe is right and mortgaging that conscience in order to keep the job, I will have no difficulty resolving it in favour of my conscience”

He assured that he remains absolutely committed to justice, fairness, as a stickler to enforcement of rules; , adding that “ the source of relevance is derived from rules. I have lived my life fighting for justice and fairness.”


Tony Ailemen, Abuja

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by Tony Ailemen, Abuja

October 31, 2018 | 8:08 pm
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