Taraba grazing reserve law takes off January- lshaku

by Tony Ailemen, Abuja

November 6, 2017 | 6:41 pm
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Taraba state grazing reserve law recently passed by the state House of Assembly will come into effect from January 1st, 2018

Governor Darius Ishaku, disclosed this as the State embark on massive Publicity campaign to attract support for the law aimed at checking farmers and grazers war over grazing and animal rights if ways in the state.

“You know security is a prerogative of Mr. President right now and it is his assignment. State governments rely on the federal government for the soldiers, the police and all the security agencies and therefore you need the presidential directives to be able to enhance the security in the states, particularly my state where some of the soldiers have been withdrawn to other areas in the country which we will need them if possible to come back so that we will feel more secure and continue to live in peace.” he said

Governor Ishaku who met with Presided Muhammadu Buhari at the Presidential Villa, Monday to seek the president’s support for arrangements ahead of the implementation of the law, disclosed that every necessary efforts have been made to create awareness for the law.

“The state is quiet calm. Our own anti-grazing law will come into effect next year January. Two panels were set up to sensitize the farmers and the herdsmen so that they both understand the benefits of the anti grazing bill because I still believe for the herdsmen socially and economically, that is the best thing that will ever happen to them if we can consolidate on that.”

He disclosed that the awareness is improving each day as people begin to know and appreciate the importance of the law, even as he added that the law is “done in good faith and are done to secure lives and properties of the people. We are sure that there will be not much hindrance to its implementation.”

” I am here in the villa to brief Mr. President on situation of things in Taraba State. I also reported to him security wise we have recorded few success, Peace in the state and we need to enhance it. Therefore, we will need his presidential support in that manner”

Ishaku said he was at the Villa, to also brief the President on the success we are having on agriculture and to also thank him very much indeed about the award of Mambilla hydro-power project which is one of the biggest hydro-project in Nigeria.
“It has stayed over 30 years on the drawing board until his administration. So that is a very big feat and I thought I should come and thank him and seek his audience when next l will come with Taraba people to thank him.
“ThIs a very good project for the country as a whole, 3.050 megawatts, for those of us who know what a megawatt is, it can do a lot in developing Nigeria.”

” I’m sure you are aware of our popular green house, last year we had 16,000 in the rice farm we want to quadruple that by this year and therefore we need assistance particularly to build channels where we can distribute water. Because the dry season farming is more popular than the rainy season, they harvest rice four times more and we want to enhance that.”

“We have also gone into other crops now, cocoa, beniseed and soya beans, all these we are recording huge successes in the state.”

“We have also recorded huge success in education and we have moved hitherto from less than 28 percent on WAEC this year for the first time we had 67.3 percent in WAEC and as at last month when the graded the whole country we were number 8th in the whole country and number one in the northern states. We have really pushed education very high and we intend to push it to an enviable height.”


Tony Ailemen, Abuja


by Tony Ailemen, Abuja

November 6, 2017 | 6:41 pm
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