Parents, students to heave sigh of relief as cloud-based e-books platform launches


April 10, 2018 | 12:42 am
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Mummy, I find it difficult to understand what our mathematics teacher teaches in class. She is too fast and I find it difficult to follow, I would really like to learn at my own pace’ 15-year-old Ramat told her Mum.

Ramat’s mother has been particularly worried that her daughter’s interest in mathematics might begin to wane because Ramat’s performance has taken a dip and she does not know where to turn to or how to find help her daughter.

This is the situation of many parents, who find that it is tough to curate appropriate textbooks or locate tutors who can help improve their children’s performance in school. Technology is changing the way people live, love, learn and work but the educational sector lags behind.

With the launch of, this is about to change.  AfricLearn is a cloud based e-book and digital learning management system solution driven by a vibrant and innovative company which applies cutting edge technology to, e-book content distribution, schools and other education settings.

AfricLearn is underpinned by a flexible digital technology which enables e-books and contents to be easily aligned with the requirements of individual readers, teaching establishments and various curriculums.  It provides access for publishers of Educational and Non Educational (Fiction & Non Fiction) e-books to distribute and sell their books digitally via a secured platform with a piracy protected DRM technology.

“Nigeria and Africa stand to benefit a lot from this because it is not just a technology solution but one that is aligned with curriculum. AfricLearn is the first solution that is bringing content that is flexible enough, for students, teachers, and school frameworks. It allows government to know in which areas they need to intervene” Femi Sanusi, Chief Executive Officer of AfricLearn said in an interview.

“AfricLearn is cloud-based and this makes it very flexible. It is a bring Bring Your Device Pedagogy (BYDP), it means you don’t have to install any hardware. If you have a mobile phone, a PC, tablet; all you need to do is login and access the AfricLearn platform on the go” Sanusi said.

AfricLearn’s e-books and educational textbook resources can be accessed by users across the following types of personal devices: iPhone and iPads via IOS reader apps, smartphone and tablets via android reader apps, laptops  and Windows PC via browser and web access including reader app for windows PC to enable offline activities.

Users no longer need to buy customised tablets in order to access e-books or educational textbooks or contents, they can now use their personal devices to access their purchased books which comes with a bank of assessment exam questions.

This would ride on Nigeria’s growing internet penetration, which increased to 98,391,456 in 2017; meaning 50.2 percent of Nigeria populations is now online, this is a 49,096 percent increased according to internet world statistics. Nigeria is ranked tops in terms of social media usage with over 17 million users and the 2nd most-active Twitter users on the continent.

“The technology itself is not transformative. It’s the school, the pedagogy, the policy, the parents, the buying power, the teachers, the community involvement that is transformative” Elvis Boniface, Chief Education Officer of Edugist, an educational advocacy company said.



April 10, 2018 | 12:42 am
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