University of Roehampton student deepens learning online


December 13, 2016 | 12:05 pm
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With experience of learning online as well as in a traditional classroom, Seth Nwughala, a logistics manager at GAC Logistics in Lagos, Nigeria opted for an online MBA because it would allow him to continue working whilst also taking care of his wife and three sons. “The flexibility of the programme is very important and the experience has been rewarding. The online programme is very challenging considering that you must study on your own. It calls for a lot of discipline and determination.”

Able to apply his learning in real time, Seth says his studies have already had a tangible impact on his work and the team of nearly 15 he supervises: “I have engaged in training my staff on motivation, team playing, cost control and some other topics that have a direct impact on our business. While my online MBA has helped me develop my skills as a manager, above all it has transformed my approach to leadership, allowing me to see it not just as a position of influence, but rather as a management style whereby you encourage people to develop alongside you. Management and leadership are about acting as a role model, embodying values that others can aspire to.”

Learning is very important to Seth Nwughala, with three degrees already (a BSc and MSc in Political Science and an MBA in International Business),Seth was driven to embark on the University of Roehampton, London Online MBA programme by his goal of adding more value to his work and employers.

“I decided to pursue another MBA – in the supply chain area – to gain more professional skills and a refined understanding of my career,” says Seth. “With this MBA, I will gain further insight into management and best practices on how best to improve my performance. Furthermore, I will be exposed to project management, which has become an essential part of supply chain and logistics.”

Naturally there are different management and leadership styles, and as part of the online MBA programme, Seth is learning about best practices and different approaches from faculty members and with students located around the world. “One of the things I enjoy most about studying online is the chance to learn with students of other nationalities – it gives you a window into other cultures, enhancing your knowledge with a range of global perspectives. We are all driven by the desire to add knowledge so we can make our communities and countries better places,” he says.

To complement this regular exchange of ideas with fellow students, Seth is part of an offline study group in Lagos and joins more than 250 other Roehampton Online students. He says the local group is helpful, supportive and informative, further enriching his Roehampton experience: “It’s encouraging to meet in person. It allows you to tap into the experience of other students, including those who are further ahead in the programme, allowing you to have discussions and ask questions you may not otherwise get the chance to ask. Knowing others have experienced similar challenges also helps to keep me motivated, and I can share this with my peers in the online forum.”

Set to graduate in 2017, Seth aims to start his own business in the future to fulfil his dream of creating jobs in local communities by forming a company in the area of supply chain and logistics. The new company will improve the ease of doing business in Nigeria by providing a seamless interface with all local and statutory stakeholders in the importation, exportation, haulage, warehousing and other value chain components within the industry. This will create jobs at various layers of the operation both directly and indirectly, for skilled, semi-skilled and unskilled workforces. “As an ardent believer in the value of education for improved productivity, the company will, overtime, invest in continual learning and the practical education of its workers. Ultimately I hope to be an example of how important education is in delivering real change in my country,” he adds.

“Your degree is a form of certification to your contribution to national development. Through education we are able to preserve our world, and my MBA will help me develop opportunities for future generations.” He said.




December 13, 2016 | 12:05 pm
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