What is happening in Lagos?

by Editorial

July 10, 2017 | 12:48 am
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There is a fast deteriorating security situation in Lagos state. Sadly, the security agencies have not given the impression that they are on top of the situation. It is already more than 42 days since six students of the Igbonla Model College in Epe were kidnapped; more than 42 harrowing days in which the parents of the students have been waiting desperately to hold their children in their arms and sadly that hope keeps fading by the day. The government at all levels have not only failed the parents but they have also failed the students whose only offence was going to school to seek knowledge.

Not only have the students not been rescued, but also information management about their continuous illegal captivity has been poor. There have been no regular updates to the public either from the police, who have a direct responsibility for rescuing the students, and neither have there been any updates from the local, state or federal governments. There has been almost absolute silence as if the lives of the six students do not matter.

Besides the kidnap, Lagos State has also been plagued by the evil activities of a group, aptly named “Badoo.” Boldly, this evil group has been killing Lagos residents in the most horrible manner that can ever be imagined. Whole families, including even unborn kids, have been wiped out in the Ikorodu area of Lagos.

The killings by the “Badoo” evil gang have gone unchallenged. The police have looked powerless and clueless in the face of this horrible killing of Lagos residents, most of whom are killed in the dead of the night after a hard day’s work and are meant to be resting peacefully with their families.

After waiting endlessly for the police to intervene and save them from these killers, the people of Ikorodu have been forced to take the laws into their hands. More than five people have since been lynched and sadly it has come out that at least three of the people that were lynched were innocent people who had no connections with the Badoo gang. One was even a popular comedian who was just at the wrong place at the wrong time. Practically, law and order has broken down in that part of town. The police and the government have failed and Ikorodu has become a jungle for self-survival.

The deterioration in security in Lagos is ironic considering the significant investments that the state has made in security. Besides, acquiring modern equipment for the Police, the state also recently set up the neighbourhood corps, which was meant improve community policing. Lagos is also about the only State with a Trust Fund for security, which has helped direct billions of investment in security in the state from the private sector.

Now it looks like all these investments are not yielding the required returns of a peaceful and secured environment.

This raises questions about the effectives of the spending on security in the state, which is also the nation’s commercial capital. A high level of insecurity in Lagos state will come at a heavy cost to the country. This is why the Federal Government, which controls the security apparatus in the country, must pay attention to the obvious failure of its security agencies in the state.

It is inexcusable that six students will be in captivity for close to 50 days now. It is also inexcusable that residents will be killed in cold blood in their homes in a state that boast of making one of the highest investments on security. Right now, the government has obviously abdicated its responsibility to secure the lives of property of those living in Ikorodu and environment. The situation in Ikorodu must not be allowed to fester. Students must also feel safe to go to school.

The response of the police and security agencies has been very poor and even pedestrian to the security situation. They have replaced intelligence with indiscriminate street arrests. It is sad that the police cannot gather intelligence and put in place adequate patrols to stop this wanton killings and kidnappings in the state despite the significant investments and support they get from the state. No one is sure what will wake up the government and its security agencies to their responsibilities but whatever it takes, they must wake up now before the situation gets out of hand. The Badoo gang must be stopped and the kidnapped children must be rescued. The time for both to happen is now!



by Editorial

July 10, 2017 | 12:48 am
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