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Escape of suspected murderer-ritualist: Rivers police extend dragnet, arrest big names, uncover conspiracy

by Ignatius Chukwu

September 3, 2017 | 12:45 am
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The Rivers State police command has moved its theory in the escape of a suspected murder and ritualist from ‘act of negligence’ to full conspiracy. Thus, the police have begun arrest of big names including a divisional police officer (DPO) plus some other linked persons outside the police.

Suspicion is very high in police circles that some persons may have been named by the escaping suspect, Ifeanyi Dike, in the ring of harvesting human organs and selling to members of the public. The suspect had at least admitted in his early statement that he wanted to get rich quick.

The suspect was apprehended in last week Monday at his Mgbuoba area of Port Harcourt by vigilante team for killing an eight-year-old girl, Victory Chikamso. The suspect was handed over to the police probably to avoid a repeat of the Aluu episode for which three persons were convicted over the jungle justice on four Uniport students.

The police later reported that Dike, a 200-level Uniport student, had escaped. This created outrage. The police promptly arrested the investigating police officer (IPO) in the matter, one John Bosco, who has been taken to court. At that point, the commissioner of police, Zaki Ahmed, described the case as negligence.

Seven days later, the police has widened its investigations and said they have cracked a ring in ritual killings, saying there is a huge case of conspiracy. The Rivers police command said it was pained by the dent on its image at a time it had carried out war on violence, kidnapping and armed robbery, arresting at least 70 suspects and freeing many kidnap victims.

Ahmed made it clear that the command was not implicated in the escape, saying it was the handiwork of someone with an interest.

Newsmen who nosed around police headquarters all through Monday, August 28, 2017, learnt that the IPO had taken the suspect to write statement and just a few meters later, shouted ‘help, help’, help’. The policemen around did not see any fleeing suspect to show that someone had escaped.

The police said they have arrested a DPO and one other while throwing their dragnet wider in a case the command said they must pursue to the last point to prove that it was not planned by the command but by few policemen with an interest.

The police agreed with the father of the victim, Ernest Nmezuwuba, that the matter must be treated with the highest sense of urgency and importance to reassure members of the public that it was better to trust the police and hand over suspects.

The father admitted that the suspect was related to him and the landlord as an in-law, but wondered why the police allowed the suspect to escape in the first place. A deep police source insisted that there was no escape from cell but a carefully planned release of a suspect in cahoots with some other police men and outsiders with an interest.

The IPO continued to moan in court; “What have I done to myself”.


Ignatius Chukwu

by Ignatius Chukwu

September 3, 2017 | 12:45 am
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