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How praying for other’s businesses paves way for you

by Editor

August 27, 2017 | 1:16 am
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There are myriads of reasons for offence in the workplace or while carrying out business transactions. These could come from competitors, employees, colleagues, customers and various other stakeholders.

You as a business man are expected to be on your guard as with an eagle’s eye to ensure you outwit every competitor. You are also on the look out to take up new opportunities which may mean push out existing players in that area. There is an unconscious belief in you that every business in your line belongs to you, and anyone who takes them has trespassed your territory. Your emotions usually, unconsciously, alludes to this truth.

No doubt, doing business requires great amount of focus and forthrightness to make it a success. The TRUTH is that in the bid to ensure that we succeed at what we do; we forget the most important principle Jesus taught that can make doing business easy and having result effortless. We forget so soon that as children of God our modus operandi of doing business is different from that of the world system. Our reactions are like theirs, what they are saying and doing is so loud and impacting that it affects our actions. They may have results, but how did they get that result? Result could be gotten by killing; it could be gotten by fraud, by stealing and many other ways without recourse to God. And in the eyes of the people of the world it is still result nonetheless. But as a child of God there is an easier way carved out by God to have untold result effortlessly if we tread the path of instruction as laid down by God.

My ways are not your ways, neither are my thoughts your thoughts says the Lord (Is. 55:8-9). It doesn’t matter how anything is being done on earth be it business or otherwise, God has His own WAY! The scripture tells us that the just shall live by FAITH, and that without faith it is impossible to please God. But there is no way our lifeline which is faith can work when we are not working in LOVE! I can boldly tell you as a business man that the scarcest resource in the world of business is LOVE. How do you love when only one project is available to many bidders and contractors? How do you love when your counterpart was given the same contract you had hoped to get? O boy, it isn’t easy to walk in love at that moment. It is like you are set against one another, so it is a continual fight to keep your identity.

There must be a paradigm shift in us that let us know or remind us that our world view should be that of abundance made available through the death and the resurrection of Jesus. And that all things are ours not some. This mindset liberates and creates room in our hearts to see others and their businesses differently. There is no competition or contention on anything, there is that understanding that if one business opportunity is taken or lost there are numerous ones that will follow. When we fail to walk in the light of this truth the feeling of loss, bitterness and hatred engulf us, which would naturally come without you calling for them. What that means is that deep down in our hearts (revealing the content of our heart to us), the understanding that we have about God being our Jehovah Jireh (our provider) is shallow. Our hope and expectation is centered on the fact that God has only one way of doing things for us or make things happen for us.

If we knew God as the God that created the whole universe, the God that owns the cattle on a thousand hills and with Him all things are possible. Our reaction to every loss would not be that of hatred, anger or animosity, rather we would rejoice as commanded knowing full well that there is more where that came from. We would not need to struggle to pray for other businesses that outwitted us or took what we thought belonged to us. We would go out shake their hands and wish them well.

Now for us to move our businesses forward and experience the supernatural hand of God in what we are doing, this understanding must be in place and very clear. Once it is in place whatever blocks LOVE in our hearts towards other’s businesses vanishes away, we are only left with pure, unadulterated LOVE that aids faith in its working. And the moment we begin to function in this, heavens come down, and the glory of God fills your space. The enemy knows this that is why perpetually we are kept from ever coming to terms with this truth. The TRUTH is that nobody needs to come down for your business to succeed or go up. This is one of the ways that our arch enemy (satan) succeeds in hindering our prayers because our hearts are full of offence, and your faith can only work by LOVE.

So beloved what must we do as soon as we encounter challenges like this?

1. When you are threatened, you should lift up your voice in thanksgiving to God appreciating the abundance that He has made available. Then begin to lift that business in your space up to God. Pray that they will not fail and that their project will succeed in Jesus name. Once you do this according to scripture in the book of Matt. 5: 23, heaven steps into your situation and you become the next in line with greater, better miracle than you thought you lost.

2. Position yourself for the power of God. Please never take this for granted, it looks too simple to be true, but the power of God is in the doing of His word. The whole resources of heaven back up the word of God.

The design of God for us is to never struggle through life at anything we embark on. However, this can only be through the application of His wisdom in every situation. As you give hear to this truth and lift other businesses up in prayer you will be dazzled with the supernatural power of God in your own business.

Remain Blessed.


by Editor

August 27, 2017 | 1:16 am
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