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Women group calls for white blouse on Sunday

by MIKE ABANG, Calabar

October 1, 2017 | 12:00 am
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As part of its objectives to mark the 2017 Independence Day in Nigeria, a group, Nigerian Women4Peace, is partnering with women in Nigeria and in the Diaspora to lead the coalition’s first ever #WhiteBlouseDayCampaign today, Sunday, October 1, 2017.
According to the group, the #WhiteBlouseDay is a Social Media Campaign led by the Nigerian Women for Peace (NGWomen4Peace) to reinforce the message of peace and hope in Nigeria. The Campaign seeks to notify Nigeria and the International community on Nigerian Women’s demand for peace and zero tolerance for violence and hate speeches.
“We are encouraging women to wear a white blouse on our Independence Day, October 1st; because we do not want to relive the negative consequences of the Nigerian Civil War in 2017! Most of the contemporary events in our country have gradually led the nation to a state of anarchy, violence and impunity. We do not want our blouses stained with the blood of our loved ones or fellow citizens,” it said.
The group, which said all “we want is peace”, called on all Nigerian women of all ages, class, religious affiliations, educational qualifications and tribe, to wear a white blouse today (Sunday, October 1st 2017), snap and upload pictures of themselves in the White Blouse on all their social media platforms using the hashtag: #WhiteBlouseDay.
Nigerian Women4Peace is a coalition of women representing all parts of Nigeria concerned with the current state of affairs and focused on ensuring that Nigeria remains a country of peace, prosperity and participation for all!
NGWomen4Peace was birthed in response to the growing wave of hate speeches and violence against the backdrop of the current ethnic tension in the country, even as the government, at all levels, is tasked with the responsibility of promoting freedom of expression.



by MIKE ABANG, Calabar

October 1, 2017 | 12:00 am
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