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‘A Mile from Home’ premieres


July 12, 2013 | 8:45 am
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A Mile from Home,’ a mind-blowing, action-packed movie premiered at the Silverbird Cinemas with a black carpet event penultimate weekend.

An Eric Aghimien film and sponsored by Top Tea and Sensodyne, ‘A Mile from Home’ is a gripping feature film that highlights different societal ills such as crime, revenge, etc. It also realistically takes on challenges faced by young people while journeying through life.

Aghimien, who directed the film, says as a contemporary feature, the film tells the story of how unsuspecting young adults are led into bad association for various reasons, either to seek revenge or freedom.

“The movie addresses themes of vengeance and reprisal violence, while enlightening the audience of its multiple effects but heralding forgiveness as key to true happiness,” he says.

The film has been rated as a movie with the potential to become the next big feature in Nollywood. It has already been rated highly on JARA – Africa Magic Top 5 movie countdown, and described as the ‘must-watch’ Nigerian movie for the season.

Shot in Nigeria at various locations across Lagos, it showcases talented actors such as Alex Ayalogu, Tope Tedela and Chiedozie ‘Sambasa’ Nzeribe, among others.

‘A Mile from Home’ narrates the story of a student, Jude who joined a gang while trying to have revenge against Stone, a notorious gangster who forcefully dispossesses him of his precious watch (a gift from his father when he turned 18). He left his old life behind for a path he is not proud of, a path where there is no going back.

Suku, the leader of the gang, loves him and made him the number two man in the gang. Suku introduced him into crime and trusted him with everything he has and controls. Jude got more committed to the gang and earned a new name, Lala. Jude finally yielded to his feeling for Ivie, Suku’s girlfriend and he is willing to die loving her. His friend’s brother ends up joining after all the warning he gave him, he still tries to protect him despite all the circumstance.

The lead character, Lala, a young boy who enters university, faced with the oppression of cultist and at the end forced to join. He loses his freedom at the cost of joining the gang to get his revenge back at Suko.

At the expense of this he doesn’t have his freedom of going home; having been away from home for five years, his sister pleads with him and uses a friend’s brother to get to know what things he does. Sasha spares Deba and Jude, walks away with the package. Jude survives the bullet wound and later reunites with his family.


July 12, 2013 | 8:45 am
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