Despite CR7 absence Real Madrid dominate Barcelona in kit sales ahead of El Clasico

by Anthony Nlebem

October 25, 2018 | 10:53 am
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Ahead of this weekend El Clasico between Barcelona and Real Madrid at the Camp Nou, the derby which dominates the media landscape across the globe.

The Camp Nou will once again be the focus for a global TV audience of millions in what is sure to be another action packed and surprise filled El Clasico showdown.

Two biggest football sides aside Manchester United in terms of valuation, Real Madrid worth £1.127 billion and Barcelona £1.082 billion will square up this Sunday for the biggest football rivalry on the planet earth.

Four points separates them in the table; a win for Real Madrid will reduce the points to one and defeat to Barcelona could spell more doom for Julen Lopetegui who has faced severe pressure in the last one month.

While Barcelona are ahead in LaLiga table, Real Madrid dominate Barcelona in jersey merchandise.

According to data from Spain’s leading price comparison website regarding the demand for Barcelona and real Madrid merchandise.

The results showed Real Madrid as the side whose jerseys are more in demand than their rivals Barcelona, by a figure of 49.8 percent.

Real Madrid 13th European Cup trophy brought about a huge increase in demand in May, 2018 up 195 percent in sales.

Real Madrid suffered a big blow since the departure of Cristiano Ronaldo to Italian Seria A side Juventus as jersey sale sales dropped significantly by 88.3 percent

In the light of this, rivals Barcelona shirt sales jumped by 63 percent between July and August 2018.

Barcelona lead online sales with Madrid in second, followed by Atletico, Sevilla and Valencia.

2017 El Clásico matches generated over $40 million in media value for sponsors; TV broadcasts account for less than half of that figure.

Combined TV and social media value of the last El Clásico in December 2016 generated around $42.5 million for sponsors. Live TV broadcasts accounted for 43% ($18.5million) of the total figure, with social media making up 12%. In Spain, social media delivered the same amount of media value ($5.1million) as the country’s TV news coverage of the match.

“With social media adding over $5 million in total value to sponsors, this shows just how critical a medium it has become,” said Max Barnett, Nielsen Sports’ head of digital.

Its value fluctuates depending on where a sponsor’s team is playing, so rights holders must be able to adapt from game-to-game. As the home team in the last fixture, with partner brands appearing throughout the Nou Camp, FC Barcelona generated 87% ($37.4 million) of the total sponsorship value while Real Madrid made-up 13% ($5.1million).

Barnett maintained the importance of social media for an away team as a tool to generate value for partners when there is no possibility for exposure through traditional in-stadium advertising inventory”.

Such was the case for Real Madrid last time out when 41% ($1.7m) of the total media generated for their sponsors came from the club’s social platforms – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube. Between both teams the most valuable social media post was Barcelona’s ‘Full Time Final’ video on Facebook Live which was watched by over 4.3 million viewers and generated over $186,000 for sponsoring brands.

Facebook Live was leveraged effectively in the build-up, during and after the El Clasico match, driving 27million views from over five hours of content broadcast by the two teams.

Social media’s growing and fluctuating worth to sponsors has fragmented the media landscape, something which Barnett argues has left brands and rights owners grappling to understand the value of their partnerships and highlights why a “unified measurement is so important”.

Barcelona’s director of digital, Russell Stopford, agreed with Barnett’s emphasis on the need for a better understanding around social media’s value.

“Being able to see the value our content provides fans and partners is essential to FC Barcelona and social media is a key part of that,” said Stopford. “Understanding what that value is and importantly which media channels it comes from is also vital and becoming more and more important for us as our global reach continues to grow.”

Even without Cristiano Ronaldo playing for the Santiago Bernabau side and the recent slump in performance since the start of the season, Real Madrid still remain the biggest side in jersey sales record of  84.9 percent and Barcelona second with 70.9 percent.

Anthony Nlebem


by Anthony Nlebem

October 25, 2018 | 10:53 am
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