How to earn additional income by car sharing

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October 3, 2017 | 8:27 am
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Often, we fall into the situation where we don’t see any source to fill our pockets, but today there are many ways through which you can earn money certainly. Suppose you want to work with Uber or Lyft, but you don’t have a vehicle.

Many agencies and even car producing companies are allowing people to drive for such services by supplying them with the motor. Now the question arises, what can be the most beneficial way to earn money here and which can best help you in improving your lifestyle.

Having the ownership of a car that qualifies for the services of Uber or Lyft can be a troublesome task.

Since it needs many requirements and standards. It can be ideal if you already have a vehicle but what if you don’t own a car?

Following are the few ways which can lend a hand in this regard.

1. Purchase a Car

Buying a car is not a small and easy act. It cuts a large amount of cash from your savings, and when you’re already facing trouble in earning cash, then it can leave you under high liability.

Rideshares usually earn up to $16 on anhourly basis so it can be a worthy risk. You can easily earn from $1,500 to $3,000 monthly which can help you get your savings back in a year or few.

Also, good cars for Uber and Lyft can be purchased in less than $12,000 that matches the requirements of these service providing companies. In this way, you won’t be paying monthly payments or other leasing expense.

2. Express Drive Program

One of the biggest cash generating company is Lyft that is now providing you the opportunity to rent a car from them since they’ve affiliation with General Motors.

With the help of which, you’ll be paying from $130 to $250 to the company for the car, from your earnings. This amount gets low with the number of rides you hit in a week. Like, if you successfully cover. 75 rides in a week, you may be charged with $0 for the car.

3. Lease Car from Uber and Drive

Uber is serving you with the facility of car leasing for a short period. They have partnership will car dealing companies which allows people with poor credit score to own a car through aleasing agreement.

This also comes with certain pros and cons since leasing an old Toyota Camry can cost you $130 weekly while if you lease thesame car of 2017 model from other agencies, you only need to pay $199 monthly. To elaborate more, you’ll pay relatively much less amount in contrast to Uber’s Xchange program.

4. Hyrecar

A person with normal earnings can also fill his garage by buying a car, leasing a car or even renting a car. One of the most prolific rental services is Hyrecar, and it’s unique in a way that it allows you to rent a car from a local car owner.

Hyrecar is a person-to-person rental service mostly useful for ridesharing. You have to signup first to either lend your car to someone on rent or get a car on rent. Good drivers with the help of Uber/Lyft use vehiclesat different daily, weekly and monthly rates. They don’t charge you with any extra fees for signups, and they don’t have any contracts too.

How does this service work?The idea of Hyrecar is basically to connect local car owners with drivers through their service. Uber approves all the cars, so it comforts people who are not willing to take any risk. A driver signs on for the driving shift, once Uber or Lyft endorse the car’s documents.

There are few important things to ponder too since you don’t want to take such financial risk for the sake of rideshare driving. Quitting your job which is offering you less money might not be the smart move because the earnings deviate from city to city. You never want to risk your job. See, the amount of traffic in the city you live and then decide whether you need buy a car or lease a car? If you’re unsure about your market then renting can be the best possible option.

Although it will cost you relatively more in the short term but will also save you from long-term payments and debts.


by Editor

October 3, 2017 | 8:27 am
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