Your faith and your career

by | August 13, 2017 12:50 am

All our lives, through our growing up years, we were adequately prepared for the future. Nothing was supposed to be left to chance because in most cases the future did not belong to us alone. It also belonged to our parents who sponsored us; we were their investment. We were never meant to take our education lightly because in it was our future. In fact, education was supposed to be your El Dorado- saving grace in life according to their understanding.

You hear words like, “read your book, pass your exams, finish and get a good job”. The consequences of illiteracy was drummed so deep into us that we automatically knew who was going to succeed and who was not. The point was proven when you see your mates drop out of school and become recalcitrant. To some of us that excelled or managed to finish, we were considered to be the luckiest amongst our peers. However, looking back in hindsight now, is it through what we were taught that we have become successful in life? Perhaps, some benefited while others didn’t.

Unfortunately, not much emphasis is laid on the fact that God Almighty is the most important factor in the equation of success. This is still a mystery to many people, as they are yet to come to terms with the reason why with all their qualifications they are not successful according to God’s standard. God’s definition of success is not materialistic or monetary. They are still baffled at what else they are supposed to do that would make the difference. Some are gainfully employed and dissatisfied while some are dissatisfied with both their employment and the employer, yet these are Christians. If money or material things were to be the definition of success, the rich would not be committing suicide or be depressed.

Most Christians in the workplace have their hope and faith set on their salaries or emolument. It never occurs to them that in as much as work is important, work is never meant to take the place of God in their lives. Their salaries become the thermometer that regulates the temperature of their lives. Their help does not come from God but from their salaries or their employer. They are never awakened to the place of the blessing prepared for them by God.

We have had generations of believers short change themselves in the workplace. Believers have been sacked unjustly, lied against and liars got away with it. Intimidated and bamboozled by others with lesser spirit inhabiting them. Where and when are we going to prove that we are the head and not the tail? What about the scripture that says “no weapon formed against us shall prosper”?  Is there anywhere in the bible where God said “The just shall live by their salaries”? Beloved, we do not exist in this world as though we are marching through our father’s farm with no consciousness of harm. There is no way we can enjoy the best that God has for us with a docile attitude based on ignorance of the world we live in. The results are glaring already; we do not need to look too far, untold hardship, failures, depression, oppression and losses.

From time immemorial, the original design of God for His children irrespective of their profession or job description is to live by faith. We are to go about in life recognising our oneness with God. God wants to be involved in every scenario of our lives. Even from choosing the course to study, our jobs, spouse and every minute detail of life, God wants to be involved. This is the only way we can escape the failures and hopelessness of life. The most interesting aspect of it is that, no matter how far gone we are off God’s track, He can still mend our lives if we return to him. There is never a case of hopelessness with God. With Him all the many questions in our lives are answered.

We are saved by Grace through FAITH (Ephes. 2:10), not of works, not of feelings, or of physical senses. Heb. 11:3 says we the just live by faith. Paul admonished the brethren in Galatians that the miraculous that God designed for them and it’s demonstration does not come to them by human wisdom, but by the preaching of faith. So, we must quit living by the rules of this life and go back to God.

Every child of God that intends to enjoy the blessing of God must put to work their faith. Even in our workplace we should experience God’s miraculous power. The practice of your faith never allows you put your trust in the mundane things of this world because God has your back covered. You can laugh in the faces of difficulties at work, even a job loss. As you choose today to involve God all the way in your life, remain blessed.


Debo Atiba

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